Covid-19 - Lockdown info (24/3)

  • We're open! As I work 100% online/no-contact, and as bicycle's are a permitted form of transport/essential for cycle commuters/people who use their bike as every-day transport... And brake pads are rather important for that, I've noticed... I've registered as an online supplier of essential goods. Please follow the Government's instructions for the emergency period - see

    • I will immediately refund any orders cannot be fulfilled due to the lock-down requirements or reasons associated with the Covid-19 pandemic generally.

    • Yours and everyone's health is my top priority, so stringent measures are in place to ensure cleanliness. Wash your hands after receiving/opening any packages anyway.

    • Due to these strange times, it is possible some courier deliveries may take longer than normal. Freight/courier/post services will continue throughout the lock-down, and for the time being it is safe to order products online.

    • Couriers will strictly adhere to non-contact/isolation rules, so packages will be left in mail boxes or on doorsteps.

  • Wash your hands!

    • Including after receiving and opening couriered items. With precautions in place, the risks associated with shipped goods is extremely low. But people's health, and strict isolation is vital. Wash your hands!

    • I'll be washing my hands thoroughly and ensuring cleanliness when packing orders, as well as taking all other steps I can to protect everyone's health.

    • Obviously, should I become unwell, I will not risk anyone's health by shipping products! 

    • Click here for some more advice on how to remain safe and well!


  • Health is everyone's top priority right now. We all need to do our part.

    • Take care of yourselves and your families, wash your hands, and follow all of the isolation advice/instructions of the New Zealand Government.

  • Exercise is vital for health, cycling is a great way to do it!

    The Government's advice is that it is OK to go outside for exercise, and of course for transport, so long as you are well. Riding your bike is a great idea! But you should do it close to home. Stay away from other people - particularly other cyclists, we all know how dirty we are). Generally, two meters is as close as you should get to other people. Further is better if possible!

  • Although cycling is OK, avoid travellingStick to your local area; no cycle touring!

  • Avoid back-country areas and risk-taking. Obviously, riding any bicycle is risky. But please ride with extra care for the next few months. Ride well within your limits. Ambulances, helicopter rescues, and injuries requiring medical care will reduce the effectiveness of self-isolation, and strain health resources at a time when these must be preserved and enhanced.

  • Kia kaha! Straight and True. Be kind to each other (from a safe distance away), and we'll get through this! - Jim

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