Air Chief Marshal Sir Keith Park, 15/9/1940.

This photo was taken on what is now 'Battle of Britain Day'. That day Sir Keith - the greatest Kiwi who ever lived - led No. 11 Group of RAF Fighter Command to victory over the Luftwaffe. It was the climactic day of the battle, with more than 1,500 aircraft fighting in the skies over London and South East England.

photograph of the greatest Kiwi led the RAF as it resoundingly defeated the Luftwaffe, saving the world from Hitler, still taking time to fly around No. 11 Group's airfields, tending to the welfare of those he led.

Real leaders don't preach equality -

They do it.

Real leaders don’t “call for” equality - they just do it. 


The Government’s luxury two-ply unemployment roll-out is a dog. It is offensive, discriminatory, dehumanising, racist, sexist and ageist.

The policy has merits. People who have lost their jobs as a consequence of the massive economic impact of Covid19 will receive substantial support from the Government. This will amount to a tax-free $490 payment, per week, per person, for up to twelve weeks. Affected now-unemployed part-time employees will receive $250 per week. This is good. I have no issue whatsoever with any of these people; if they qualify, they should take these unemployment benefits; and they should feel no guilt for doing so.

The problem is, these are not the only unemployed people in New Zealand. Over three hundred thousand Kiwis receive 'main benefits' - Supported Living Payments for people with severe medical conditions, parental support payments for people raising children, and "jobseeker support" for others. 

None of these come anywhere near the new, luxuriant $490 that will be paid to the new class of unemployed. Furthermore, most carry burdensome restrictions on relationships, age, and a large number of other factors. These same restrictions will not be applied to the new class of unemployed.

Because of that, in my view, this scheme violates the Human Rights Act (1993). Specifically, Section 21 - Prohibited grounds of discrimination.

The new class of benefits discriminate against those who were and are receiving other, lessor benefits, precisely because of their employment status; these people were/are already unemployed, and the recipients of benefits.

HRA S 21 (k)i explicitly prohibits discrimination due to "employment status, which means- being unemployed...". 

HRA S 21 (k)ii explicitly prohibits discrimination due to "employment status, which means—being a recipient of a benefit..."

I’m optimistic that the explanation for this is incompetence; perhaps they didn’t bother to think about it. Perhaps they didn’t bother to ask Crown Law “Would this lead to us breaking any laws?” before rolling it out. Hopefully, this is simply a case of stupidity! I’m giving them the opportunity to recognise that, and reassess this policy - I hope you do too. 


What’s worse is that our self-appointed “advocates” for the Poor - Labour and the Green Party - are the ones instituting this policy, and the ones sitting on their hands while it is implemented. The Greens, just “calling for” vague niceties to maybe do some stuff better in the future. 

Better leaders - and better Kiwis - do not behave like this.


Better leaders never treat others so poorly to begin with.

When better leaders see such injustices occurring, they do not meekly “call for” it to end; better leaders step in and end it.

This is, perhaps, what angered me most... We - and the world - are fawning over Jacinda Ardern as a great, kind leader who loves all and can do no wrong. This is not the case. Our Prime Minister is a good leader; I rate her performance quite highly; in no way do I believe she is bad or evil. Rather, she just isn't great.

Though while angered, I also have cause for hope; Kiwis have already fixed these issues. In many instances, such as the following example, we had them under control four score years ago. We have had truly great leaders. I believe we can have them again.

My personal favorite example (...for everything… Ever…) is, of course, our own magnificent world-saving, Hitler-stopping world superhero - Air Chief Marshal Sir Keith Park.

I could have chosen any of about fifty appropriate, similar anecdotes about Sir Keith. Though the following seems apt. It is sourced from Steven Bungay’s “The Most Dangerous Enemy”, an excellent history of the Battle of Britain.

“...[Sir Keith] demanded, and got, better facilities for his pilots, including better accommodation and some entertainment. He took the business of decorations for his men very seriously at times when one might have imagined he had other things on his mind, and his care extended down to the lowliest aircraftmen and mechanics. 


Typical of his attitude is an incident which took place when he was on a liner on his way to the Middle East in early 1942. Some young pilots on board appeared on the boat-deck, which was reserved for senior officers, and were ordered off by a Major. 


Park heard of this and informed the other senior officers on board that 


'These young gentlemen have faced and will face dangers that none of you will ever meet. They will share any facilities on board this ship equally with you.' 


This practice abruptly stopped on Park's disembarkation.”


Sir Keith treated people equally, and decently - always. It turns out, that’s what you’ll need to do to win the most pivotal battle in human history, against all odds, against the most terrifying foe imaginable, while making it look like it was easy.

Less #BeKind, more actually being kind. This is not easy. It is the rarest, most precious, hardest, and most personally costly human attribute. Sir Keith had it. Jacinda Ardern and her cronies do not.

So when New Zealand institutes discriminatory policies like Labour has, we’re not just harming living Kiwis - and make no mistake, we are harming them - We also disgrace Sir Keith’s legacy of egalitarianism and humility.

We fail to learn from the greatest Kiwi ever (quite possibly, the greatest human ever). In the middle of World War II, he always made huge efforts to lift people up - with the weight of the future of the world on his shoulders alone, he found time to look out for the well being of those under his command.


This won him total respect, admiration, and complete dedication from those in his command. They knew the boss had their backs, and that he cared about them. They repaid these favors a million times over.

Having Nazis to beat never stopped Sir Keith from lifting others up. He still made the world a little better for others, whenever he could. If he could do that under those circumstances, we have no excuse for our atrocious treatment of less fortunate people today.

Please stop this behavior. Send this to your MP. If they don’t listen, don’t vote for them. Complain to the Human Rights Commission. Tell your friends. Just be kind to people. Do whatever it takes. If none of that works, remember, it’s as much a moral imperative to disobey unjust laws as it is to obey just ones - so if you need to, just start breaking unjust laws in just ways.