Israel is not an Apartheid state, nor does it commit Genocide.

...Why not start blogging with something non-controversial I say! So here goes with a nice easy one.

There's three videos below you should watch. One is from Dr Kenneth Meshoe, a Black South African member of Parliament. Who better to judge Apartheid than a Black south African who suffered under Apartheid? The conclusion Dr Meshoe reaches is that Israel is not an Apartheid state, and that calling it that diminishes the suffering inflicted on real victims of Apartheid in South Africa.

Then, hear from renowned legal scholar Professor Alan Dershowitz on the BDS movement.

Finally, from Hillel Neuer of UN Watch... As he silences the UN Human Rights Commission by asking Arab states, once full of Jews, "Where are your Jews?"... And asking the Commission "Where is the real Apartheid?". These questions go unanswered at the Commission... But they can be answered. For the first, a lucky few may have made it to Israel or other safe nations. Others were almost certainly killed for being Jewish. For the second, the real Apartheid is in the rest of the Middle East - where Jewish people cannot go, as they will be killed rapidly by regimes hellbent on wiping out Jewish people entirely. That is Apartheid! That is genocide! What Israel does is neither Apartheid, nor Genocide. Such claims are antisemitic nonsense.

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