Privacy and Security

Your privacy and the security of your information is extremely important to me. That's why I've chosen to host this site on Wix. Wix is an Israeli website design/hosting titan of the industry. They provide the SSL (Secure sockets layer) certificate for the site, and are as up-to-date/proactive when it comes to data security as it's possible to be. Israel in general is as good as it gets when it comes to cyber security... So... Safe hands! 

Payment security

Credit card payments made via this site are processed via Stripe or PayPal. Like Wix, Stripe and PayPay are quite the security focussed companies! When you make a credit card payment, I don't have access to your whole credit card number - for example, Stripe shows me only the last four digits. Not that I'd ever knowingly misuse or allow malicious use/access to your data anyway... But that's one less thing to worry about! 

Annoying marketing emails, phone calls, telegrams and door-to-door vacuum cleaner sales?

These really aren't my style - I'm just here to sell mountain bike disc brake pads, and talk about Sir Keith Park! I dislike continual marketing email spam bombardment as much as you do. So I promise to keep it to an absolute minimum. I'll ensure you need to opt-in to any marketing materials, and that I'll always make it easy to opt-out whenever you wish.

(OK ... I admit ... I would send spam telegrams if that were possible, but these are no longer available. And I'd only be doing it as a novelty/for amusement...)

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