Bleed kit for DOT fluid disc brakes. Suited to advanced home mechanics. If you're a beginner, bleeding DOT bike brakes at home probably is not recommended - it's fairly nasty stuff, DOT fluid. Ruins paint/other surfaces, so if you're unsure, best leave this job to a professional.

- 4x Luer lock syringes (replaceable; should be able to purchase these at a pharmacy when you need more)

- Metal adapters for various combinations of fittings, including SRAM/Avid, Hope, Formula. With replacement o-rings.

- Bleeding Edge compatible adapter included. Needed for SRAM calipers post ~2017 - inserts straight into caliper port without need for removing a bolt.

- Bleed blocks.

- Wrench and torx drivers.

- DOT lubricant sachet. 

- Plastic tubing (plentiful sections, replaceable, plastic tubing section of hardware stores).

- Velcro tie.

- Box, a pair of disposable gloves, instructions.

Definitely wear eye protection and gloves when working with DOT fluid! Ensure painted/plastic bike and other surfaces are well protected. 

Bleed Kit - DOT