• Avid Elixir, DB, SRAM, Trickstuff - Disc brake pads


    Pads to suit Avid Elixr calipers. 


    Semi-metallic compound (steel). ~20% copper, in organic resin.

    ~20% copper, in organic resin. 


    Semi-metallic compound (aluminium) 

    ~20% copper, in organic resin. About half the weight of steel backed pads. Aluminium dissipates heat much more efficiently than steel, so in theory these are less prone to heat fade, and may last slightly longer too.



    ~75% copper in resin compound. Suits more aggressive riding. Increased fade resistance and pad durability, at the expense of more noise, and more heat generated. 



    Sintered copper compound (basically, almost entirely copper, formed together under heat and pressure). Suits extreme uses. Best fade resistance, longest lasting pad... But even noisier, and capable of generating even more heat.


    Stainless steel spring.


    Great 'every day' pad, good combination of price, durability, brake performance, fade resistance, and low rotor wear. 


    • Compatibile with 
      • Avid Elixir 1, 3, 5, 7, R, CR; 
      • Avid DB Series; 
      • SRAM XX, XO, Level T
      • Trickstuff CLEG 2.
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