• Shimano Deore/Tektro Spyre


    Pads for calipers taking Shimano B sized disc pads.


    Semi-metallic compound.

    ~20% copper, in organic resin.

    Great 'every day' pad, good combination of price, durability, brake performance, fade resistance, and low rotor wear. 


    Semi-metallic on aluminium

    ~20% copper, in organic resin.

    These aluminium backed pads are about half the weight of steel backed pads. Aluminium also sinks heat far better than steel, which theoretically helps brake system cooling... This means the pads should be somewhat more fade resistant, and somewhat more durable than steel backed pads. They also 'feel' more nimble, due to the reduced pad weight.



    ~75% copper, bound with resin.

    More copper means higher fade resistance and increased pad durability. Though it also means higher wear on rotors and calipers, and more noise (squeal). These are worth considering if you're experiencing brake fade often, or for heavier than average applications. Metallic compounds also perform better in wet weather conditions.



    ~Almost all copper, sintered (a pile of copper granules/shards, melted into a block under pressure and with flux). 

    This is the most agressive pad compound. The same general rules as for sintered apply, though the benefits and downsides are amplified even more. 




    These style pads are fairly ubiquitous! Loads of manufacturers have used the same Shimano template/size for pads... this is a decent list, but it may be missing a few, and it's possible some models of some of these brakes need different sized pads - best way to check is to measure your existing pads against the 30.5mm by 20mm (30mm to retention hole), as shown in the CAD image above.


    • Compatibility; 
      • Shimano Deore, M395, M415, M416, M445, M465, M475, M485, M486, M495,M501, M506, M515, M525, M575, T615.
      • Tektro Auriga, Aquila, Dorado, Draco, Gemini, HDC, TRP Hylex, HYDR, Spyre.
      • Others
        • Quad Sting, Rapide, Nano. 
        • RST D-Power.
        • Giant MPH.
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