• Shimano Saint, TRP - Disc brake pads


    Pads Shimano Saint/Zee calipers, some TRP calipers.


    Semi-metallic compound.

    ~20% copper, in organic resin.


    Semi-metallic on aluminium

    Half the weight, aluminium dissipates heat better. In theory, more fade resistant and longer lasting than steel backed... These feel really great to ride with - lighter pad weight makes them feel much more responsive, and I'm fairly certain they're more resistant to fade.



    ~75% copper bound in resin - more durable, higher fade resistance... But they generate more heat and more noise. 



    Sintered copper pads.... Most durable and fade resistant. Also very loud, and generate very high temperatures! Suited to extreme uses.

    Great 'every day' pad, good combination of price, durability, brake performance, fade resistance, and low rotor wear. 

    Stainless steel spring.


    • Compatibility 
      • Shimano Saint M810-Zee, M640 
      • TRP (Tektro) Quadiem, Slate
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