• Shimano XT/SLX compatible Disc Pads (G02S equivalent)


    Semi-metallic compound.

    Great all-round pad for general use.


    Aluminium backed semi-metallic

    Half the weight, improved thermal performance.


    Finned/heatsink - semi-metallic compound, but on a heatsink. Marked improvement in thermal performance.



    ~75% copper. Improved fade resistance and pad longevity, at the expense of squeal and more wear on other brake components. 



    Copper melted/pressure formed with flux and friction modifiers. The most agressive pad compound. Even higher fade resistance and longevity, but even more squeal and wear. 




    Shimano - most SLX, XT and XTR calipers.


    M615, M666, M675, M785, M985, M987, M988, M6000,

    M7000, M8000, M9000, M9020, R315, R515, R785, RS785, S700


    FSA K-Force DB-XC9000, Afterburner DB-XC-9150


    SKU: OK10002

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