Advanced bleed kit, for mineral oil bike brakes. Great for home users bleeding more frequently/more bikes than "normal" - or if you just want bleeding to go more smoothly when you do it.


- Changeable connectors to suit a range of brakes (honestly I'm not even sure what brake systems they're all for... But ... Most of the brake systems. The adapters include ones for some DOT fluid brake systems (some SRAM/Avid; Hayes; Hope; Formula). Though ideally I'd suggest this kit is better suited to mineral oil systems. DOT eats plastic... This is plastic...

- Plastic bleed blocks to suit a range of calipers.

- Quality re-usable syringe with replacement O-rings. Excellent for applying vacuum to draw fluid through. 

- Waste bottle

- Bleed funnel

- Wrench and torx driver.

- Disposable gloves & plastic bleed tubing (not pictured)

- Box.

Ideally, disassemble and clean syringe between uses to prolong it's life-span. Don't mix fluids! If you use this for mineral oil brakes, don't use it for DOT brakes and vice versa - that risks ruining everything.

Full bleed kit -Mineral Oil