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The Crowe Style - Autographed by Martin Crowe and Dave Crowe!

SKU: 9780908570171



This copy signed by both Martin Crowe and his father, Dave Crowe - both sadly now deceased. 


The reputation of the Crowe brothers - Martin and Jeff - stands high throughout the cricketing world; they have delighted crowds with hundreds in England, Wales, Holland, Jamaica, Guyana, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia as well as many big innings at home. This book, which combines biography, fascinating and informed opinion, and a stimulating section on cricketing techniques, embraces the Crowe style = the expression of their characters displayed through their cricket. The Crowe style follows the development of two fine cricketers, who have reached the top of the game at international level, Whether the reader be a budding young player or an armchair follower of the game, he or she will thoroughly enjoy this account of the deeds and personalities of the brothers. A superb collection of over 100 color and black and white photographs clearly portray the Crowe style.