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Cerberus - New zealand - 2019

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The Three Wings: Cliff Emeny's Story, Tom Woods, Softcover

SKU: 9781877365119



If Cliff Emeny had been born in another era, he almost surely would have been a swashbuckling hero worthy of a place in a Boy?s Own annual. He was an adventurer, by nature impulsive ? a young man not afraid to take risks. His thirst for adventure saw him in England as a nineteen-year-old as war was declared. True to form, he quickly joined the action as a seaman gunner. Over a decade this extraordinary Kiwi served in the Army, the Merchant Navy and the Air Force. Cliff was the recipient of three wings as an air gunner, a radar observer and a pilot; a feat to which he alone lays claim. His story is a fast-paced adventure that will have you holding your breath as you sit on the edge of your seat. From searing heights to a prison of war camp, Cliff Emeny?s true story is the vibrant and lively telling of his war-time experiences.



9/10 - near-new condition.