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The Timechart of Aviation History, Gambrill & Wood, Hardcover, 2001




Few advances in technology have shaped the world in which we live as much as the airplane. From that historic day in 1903 when the Wright Brothers made their first tentative powered flight, the airplane has come to dominate global transport, militaries, and commerce in ways that could not have been imagined just a century earlier. This authoritative and profusely illustrated guide to the development of flying machines-from balloons and gliders through biplanes, fighters, bombers, airliners, seaplanes, and helicopters to the latest supersonic jets and stealth aircraft-provides a unique, one-volume mine of information that's easy to access, graphically exciting, and entertaining. Meticulously researched at the world's principal aeronautic museums and libraries by leading aviation writers, The Timechart History of Aviation is similar to the popular Timechart of Military History (1-90302-500-1) in both scope and approach.



Excellent - 9/10

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